Festivals To Attend In New Brunswick

28 Aug

If you are thinking about visiting beautiful New Brunswick, here are some festivals held in the area each year that you might want to plan into your trip. Atlantic Balloon Fiesta This Kings County festival offers fun for all ages and all types of people. This year, the festival will be held on September 5th-7th, […]

Plan A Fun Field Trip For Your Homeschooled Child

24 Jul

Just because your children are homeschooled doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy many of the activities that schools traditionally offer. For example, even though your children are homeschooled, they can still enjoy a field trip. The only catch is that you have to plan it yourself. Here’s a look at the steps: 1. Inspiration Since […]

What You Need To Know About Tipping At Hotels

03 Jul

Tipping at hotels can be confusing. Unlike dining in a restaurant or taking a cab, there are usually multiple people offering you service at a hotel like Franklin’s, everyone from the bell person to the housekeeping staff. You don’t want to slight these hard workers, but neither do you want to spend more than necessary. Who […]